Why I hate my job

I work for a major HR outsourcing company. I work in technical support where I help customers make their software and their processes (primarily payroll processes) work like they should. I am very good and my job and in the few months since I’ve been with this company, I’ve been[Read more]

Risky behaviour

A new study has proven that adolescents are far more likely to engage in risky behavior than other folks. I say… Did you really need to fund a study to come up with these results? I mean, how many of us did stuff our parents told us not to (bungee[Read more]


As discussed in a previous post, I’m following the Weigh Down Diet. WD tries to get you to get to the heart of the matter (quite literally) by helping you to determine the difference between what the writer refers to as head hunger versus stomach hunger. Amazingly, I thought I[Read more]

Weight Loss A Go-Go

I started a new weight loss plan about 3 weeks ago. No definites on how I’m doing because I vowed I wouldn’t check the scale again or measure again until February. I’m going through the Weigh Down program. It’s a Christian bibically based plan with the premise of eating only[Read more]