Herding Cats

I spent part of yesterday getting my business license. Well, I say getting my business license; mostly it was running all over the Douglas County Georgia courthouse. Being (IMHO) a pretty smart, proactive person, I did research about what was necessary to get a business license. I went to my[Read more]

the Cysterhood

I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).If you don’t know what PCOS is, then there are many lovely places to learn about this charming condition.You can go here or here or here for more information. I shan’t bore you with details, but my own symptoms include obesity, high blood pressure, weird[Read more]

What I want

So if I don’t want to be cubicle fodder, what do I want? As part of my Secret homework, I’ve been putting off this exercise. Why? Because I’m afraid that if I voice it, it won’t happen or that it will. This is painful. I’ve spent the last few months[Read more]

Why I hate my job

I work for a major HR outsourcing company. I work in technical support where I help customers make their software and their processes (primarily payroll processes) work like they should. I am very good and my job and in the few months since I’ve been with this company, I’ve been[Read more]

Risky behaviour

A new study has proven that adolescents are far more likely to engage in risky behavior than other folks. I say… Did you really need to fund a study to come up with these results? I mean, how many of us did stuff our parents told us not to (bungee[Read more]