Preschool Resources – So Far

When I first started considering homeschooling the kids, I went into what John calls “research mode” which I think is his nice way of acknowledging my obsessive nature.  I found about 17,000 resources – give or take – for high school curriculums and information about 3rd grade nature studies and[Read more]

Organic Homeschool

Some folks would call it “Unschooling” or “Eclectic” homeschooling.  But I like “organic”. Phoebe, as I’ve mentioned before, has a good understanding of counting to 20.  She was forgetting 12 but now seems to be over that little hump.  She’s working on counting up to 30 but has trouble remembering[Read more]

Why we homeschool

My husband and I both have very strong feelings about education and it’s importance. But we also come with school related damage. John had a teacher that had no interest in him and decided that he needed to be held back because he wouldn’t read something on demand.  Anyone who[Read more]