Talking with my son

Griffin is 20 months old.  He’s not talking that much – can say “mama” and “dada” and  calls a train a “choo-choo” and makes lots of fun noises (zoooom! is his favorite while he’s playing cars). Here is a conversation I had with him earlier: (setting: we’re hanging out before[Read more]

Halloween Yuckiness

Doctor Phoebe will see you now… So the last 2 weeks have been crazy busy and now, I think, we’re paying for it. Since I wrote the last post, we have: Joined a new church Attended a dinner for new members Attended a class about prayer Attended 2 small group[Read more]

The one about sick kids…

There’s something about your 16 month old baby having a 104.7 fever that gets you moving. Wednesday morning, I knew something wasn’t quite right with Griffin.  He was alternately ok and whiny/clingy.  Would go play for a few minutes and then whining and wanting to be in my lap.  The[Read more]