The Bitch is Back!

I started my period today – yes, Aunt Flow is visiting us for the holidays! In light that Moo and I are trying to start a family, this is not how I wanted to start the Labor Day holiday. Any woman who says that she feels more like a woman[Read more]

Pleasure and Pain

This is Connor. He was born on Friday, August 24, 2007 to Moo’s first cousin. Moo and this cousin are only a few days apart in age and looked a lot alike as children. Connor’s parents had some trouble conceiving. His Mom had two miscarriages before this pregnancy due to[Read more]

Redneck Wedding

A few years ago, I went to a redneck wedding. Let metell you a little bit more about this beautiful day… It was held at the beautiful American Legion hall in lovely Mableton, GA. It was on a Saturday afternoon and most of the guests stayed after thereception to pay[Read more]

What if?

What would happen if we couldn’t have children? I’ve thought about this – seems like people ask me what other alternatives we’ll consider if we can’t – so it’s not a totally new query for me. First and foremost, I’m unwilling to do anything drastic to get pregnant. By drastic,[Read more]