How to eat an elephant

In brief, the last year and a half has been … interesting… to say the least.

So it’s been a while since I wrote.

We’re still in Tifton.  Still at my in-law’s house.  Kids are thriving in their school – both were on Honor’s lists.

John went through 8 months of monthly IVIG treatments at the house until the side effects became too great and he had to stop.  Basically, he would get two days of IVs, throw up for 3 days, be exhausted for 7 days, and then three weeks of diarrhea that would end just in time for, yeah you guessed it, more IVIG.  Yeah, fun times.

A few weeks ago, his neurologist suggested instead that he try a course of steroids for 3 months.  For about 3 weeks, John began to have more movement and feeling, especially in his feet and hands.  GREAT! Until the steroids basically shut down his pancreas making his blood sugar go whacky.

His blood sugar went dangerously high and his neurologist just deferred us to his primary care so we decided to stop the steroid and see his doctor.  We did and since John wasn’t feeling too well, the doc requested blood work and a urinalysis.  That revealed that he had a horrible.  The short version of the story is that he eventually had to spend 3 days dealing with a second UTI and IV antibiotics, then 3 days ago, he was diagnosed with #3.  

Doc wants him to have a follow-up urinalysis after we finish the current round of antibiotics to see if it gets it.  

Seems that steroids can make your sugar go whacky which then feeds any bacteria you happen to have hanging out which makes your blood sugar go crazy and so forth and so on.  So he’s on another round of antibiotics and the doc is adding insulin to the med mix to get his blood sugar under control.

Me?  How am I?  I’m ok.  I don’t sleep worth a crap. My own blood sugar disappoints me on a daily basis.  I’m learning watercoloring.  I’ve designed 4 journals on Amazon and opened an Etsy store with cute t-shirts and tote bags.  I’m learning SEO and trying to write a book. 

The important thing is that things are getting better or are in the process of getting better.

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