State of the Saye’s – January 2018 Edition

Thought I’d stop in and share an update on what’s going on here with the Saye family.


We’ve had a couple of snow days here in Tifton.  The first one, I ran off to the grocery store and picked up supplies just in case.  All we got was a light dusting and the kids had a blast playing.  It was gone quickly.  The second one, just this week, didn’t really happen.  I chose not to do any advance preparation and I was right.  We had about 10 minutes of sleet and about 20 minutes of flurries but nothing stuck.


The kids had a wonderful Christmas.  Santa brought new bikes for both of them.  Phoebe didn’t have training wheels and figured out how to ride within just a couple of hours.  Now, if we could just get her to use the brakes…


Mom and Dad Saye continue to do well.  Mom’s had a bit of an irritating cold off and on but is hanging in there.  Dad is his same old cheerful self.  They stay busy but seem to be enjoying their grandkids.


A couple of things going on with John.  First of all, he’s had a pressure wound for a little while now.  We had been monitoring it with his primary doc but it wasn’t really getting any better so we’ve been going to the local wound care specialist.  The doc is a perfectly lovely man who tells the most interesting stories and educates us at each visit.  We’ve been using medical grade HONEY on John’s wound and it’s been shrinking.

This stuff is pretty cool.  They were using the dressing pads on John but I picked up a tube of it for our first aid kit and then got to try it when I burned my hand while cooking one day.  The burn, which blistered and was very painful, healed up a lot quicker once I started using the Medihoney on it.  I highly recommend adding it to your first aid kit.

Other thing going on with John is our ongoing effort to get John back into physical therapy.  You wouldn’t think that would be difficult but it’s proven to be so.  We had home health care coming out to do physical and occupational therapy when John first got home.  He progressed some and PT thought he would do better where they had more equipment, so they released him but occupational therapy wanted to keep working with him.  Home health care is an all or nothing situation so we didn’t get any outside help with PT for a little while and I helped John do the exercises on our own.  Then OT decided to go ahead and release him for the same reason – because they thought outpatient would be more suitable.  Then add in trying to get the doc to write the new orders, the office to process, the PT office to respond, set up appointments, etc and we’ve been out of therapy for a while.

We finally get into the well-respected therapy group that EVERYONE talks so highly of and not only can they do no more than home health, they don’t even mention this fact until the second appointment when we start asking questions.  The first meeting was very disappointing for me as the ACE therapist never put his hands on John and made lots of assumptions and then after being there for nearly 3 hours hands us a couple of pages of exercises (that we were already doing) and tells us to come back the next week.  I was so stunned that I couldn’t really say anything then.  I had to process it.  But the next week, I lit into this guy and asked him why he didn’t do a proper assessment and why he didn’t ask questions and why he made assumptions.  And then I asked what equipment and experience they had that they could help someone like John.  As I had begun to suspect, they were not prepared.  They didn’t even have a Hoyer lift.

I might have gotten upset.  I might have told the practice manager that I had seen the best therapists in the world and they were nowhere near that at this place.

We got another referral and at the next place not only did they tell us pretty much upfront that there was only so much they could do with John right now but that no, they did not have a Hoyer lift and they didn’t really know why except that we were in rural Georgia.  We decided with the PT guy to work again with home health and get John strong enough to do transfers (to and from his chair with assistance but without a lift).  We got an actual evaluation and things to suggest to home health.

John’s doc was really surprised that outpatient was pretty much unprepared but had no problem with setting up a new referral to home health.  This moved pretty fast.  I spoke to the doc a week ago Friday and even with a holiday, we were getting our first visit the following Tuesday.

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