Getting my $hit together

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crazy cat1The last year has been rough.  My husband, John, got sick and became handicapped.  He was in the hospital for more than 250 days, most of which was 200 miles from my children. I went from homeschooling my kids to putting them in a private school (we get lots of financial help for this). I went from having a home to losing it to foreclosure (still happening but I don’t have any way to stop it).  I live with my in-laws (lovely people really and I am SO thankful but it’s not my home).  I’m 200 miles from my friends and I miss them.

Don’t get me wrong, I did not have a perfect life before.  Not even close to it.  I needed to lose weight then too.  I needed to get my finances together then too.  I needed to start and get my business moving.  I needed to get this blog moving.  I needed to do lots of things.  But I was used to all of it.  I was comfortable.

And then things happened that I hope never happens to any of my friends or you, dear reader.

I want to make the last 16 months mean something.  I want the next 16 months to be as exciting as the past 16 months but because amazing things are happening and not because of the absolute worst thing almost happened.

I am determined to get my $hit together.  I am determined to get my body, mind, spirit, social life, and finances in order and moving in a more positive direction.  I’ve got a feeling that you, dear reader, might need some of this too so I’ll drag you along with me.

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