Getting better slowly – an update 

John is getting better slowly. He had a great doctor appointment last week. He’s working with occupational therapy (upper body) twice a week.

He’s been completely discharged from speech therapy. He’s a little raspy but that will improve with time and use.
He’s also been discharged from physical therapy (leg therapy only). There’s only so much they can do in a home setting. They want him to go to out patient but occupational therapy wants to keep him another month or so. Starting outpatient is all or nothing meaning he has to have all treatment in or out. So we’re doing strengthening and range of motion exercises they’ve taught us.

His arms have improved a lot. He’s using a giant trackball type mouse for his computer now and he’s driving his chair by joystick with his hand with great effectiveness. Hands still aren’t moving much but everyone says they’ll be last to come back.

Some folks from the church got together and gave us an electric Hoyer lift. This is such a blessing to us and saves my back and neck a lot of aggravation.

Kids just finished up a week of vacation bible school and start YMCA day camp next week. Phoebe got straight a’s and was put on the Headmaster’s Honor Roll.

Dad fell and broke 2 ribs a week ago. He’s ok and is feeling better. He said the treatment is to “basically suck it up” so he’s been taking it easy. The doctor thinks dads medicine was making him unsteady and changed it.

Mom stays busy. She’s also got some meeting or bridge to run off too. She’s doing well.

I’ve been battling a sinus infection for about 3 weeks and haven’t felt like doing a whole lot. I also dropped a suitcase wheelchair ramp on my foot Thursday. We use the ramp so John can go out onto the back porch. I scraped all the skin off my little toe and broke the thing too according to urgent care. I have a penchant for injuring myself in stupid ways.

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