No naps

It’s been one of those days that I really wanted to stay in bed. 

Twice a week, I have a home health aide come for several hours. She helps me with basic stuff like bathing and dressing. She’s great because I can run around doing other stuff and I have someone dedicated to watching after John.

I need to take a day where I just sleep the whole time soon.

My aide was here today and the kids are out in Spring break. They needed new shoes and I had some stuff to pick up at Wally World so as soon as John was bathed and positioned, I took off with the kids.

We got back just in time for lunch and for the aide to leave. So yay!

John’s got a small pressure sore on a sensitive area and has stayed in bed the last couple days to help with healing. He’s got to be turned often to prevent any other sores in addition to the regular activities of well pretty much everything else.

So I was awake before everyone and ran around and now I’m completely exhausted but every few minutes a little person or John needs my help or attention.  Even now it’s late when I’m writing this but I appreciate having some down time.

I guess I’ll just stick with my new motto: Sleep is for the weak. 

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