I really should write more often 

Since I last wrote, John has been in the hospital for pneumonia for 9 days, been through hours of therapy, and we’ve changed insurance, all while dealing with a pressure sore.

Wow! That’s a lot!


Super Bowl Sunday I had to call 911 because the cold we’d seen his doctor the day before for had gone from “meh” to full on pneumonia. He also had a UTI which I had suspected and had been in contact with his urologist for.

He spent 6 days in ICU and got lots of great meds and some in patient physical and occupational therapy.


John seemed to have gotten a huge boost from the antibiotics and steroids because his movements actually got better when he got home. Therapy had to do some fresh evaluations and were excited over this improvement too.


We finally got information about COBRA coverage. $2600 a month to keep what we had or $1200 to move to Obamacare.  We chose to move. Meanwhile we have a gap in service and we’re actually without insurance for the month of March. YIKES!


So of course he has a small pressure sore. It’s getting better and I expect not to be a problem.

So what’s happening with you?

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