Finally we have some good news

small-van-liftJohn has had a great few weeks since I last posted!

The stomach wound from the surgery repairing the PEG tube fiasco is healing nicely.  They think that maybe he’ll only have the wound vac on another week or two.

He’s still got the nose tube (NG tube) but he’s been working hard to consume as many as five supplements a day so that he’ll get enough nutrition without it.

Finally, he’s been very successful with ventilator weaning and they hope to have him completely off the ventilator in the next few days.

The kids are loving school.  Phoebe is doing very well – although she tells me she misses being at home and doing her math in her jammies – and her first report card shows all A’s!  Griffin is adapting and has been very successful as well.
Lastly, we were able with the help of the Lord above and people from all over the world been able to purchase a wheelchair accessible van!


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