From bad to worse

It’s been a while since I updated you on what is going on with John.

We spent two weeks at Tift Regional Medical Center and then the doctors decided that the most important thing to do was to get him into rehab so he could start rebuilding his strength. We got him into a really nice rehab center even though it was a little bit more nursing home than I would’ve liked but overall it was a nice place. He was there for five days but it became obvious very quickly that he hadn’t stablized yet.

That was Mother’s Day weekend. I visited with the kids on Saturday – he’d only been there for three days and he hadn’t seen the kids for several days. It was obvious that he was much weaker than he had been the day before because he could barely lift his arms. I skipped Sunday as it was Mother’s Day and I thought a break would be just the thing to help me out. I hadn’t taken a break in several days but his mom and dad went to go see him. They too, saw the deterioration. The next day, Monday, he had a neurologist appointment. The first thing the neurologist said was he was not improving and he was concerned that John would further deteriorate. His recommendation was that we send John to the large university hospital at Macon, Georgia about 100 miles away.

He was transported to the Medical Center of Central Georgia also known as Navicent Health. John was immediately taken into ICU and later that evening was intubated and put onto the ventilator. He spent 17 days at the hospital in Macon.

About a week and half ago, he was transferred to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta and that’s where we are now. Shepherd Center is one of the top 10 rehab hospitals in the United States has some of the leading experts on Guillain-BarrĂ© syndrome.

What am I doing? I am commuting between South Georgia and Atlanta trying to spend as much time with my kids as I can but also spending as much time with John as I can.

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