How we got here

Back in January, my husband, who is a diabetic, knocked a large callous off his big toe. I didn’t really think too much about it except to admonish hubby to watch after it and take care of it.

Fast forward to the end of March. He’s still nursing this toe and it seems to be improving but it still isn’t healed. We decide to visit his parents who live in south Georgia for the Easter weekend but he’s not feeling too well. He’s even run a little fever but it cleared up quickly with acetaminophen and he said he wanted to see his folks. So we make the drive and it’s clear that hubby really doesn’t feel well. His parents notice immediately and his dad makes him go to the emergency room.

His foot was completely gnarly at this point. I SWEAR that looked at it two days before this and it looked fine! But now, it was purple and red and really angry looking. I knew that if I said we should go to the ER, he would balk so I only said that he needed to go to the doctor Monday (2 days away). I am so glad his dad said that we couldn’t wait two days and that he, my father-in-law, would be taking hubby NOW.

Hubby’s toe was completely diseased and hubby was going septic. The weekend surgeon decided to try to save the toe and just cleaned it up (debrided). The vascular surgeon came in the next day however and said that the toe had to go and hoped that would be all he was amputating that day.

That was a scary day. Lucky for hubby, they only needed to remove the toe. The game plan was heavy doses of antibiotics to deal with and prevent infection.

Funny thing is that when you take high doses of some antibiotics that it impairs kidney function which it did. All total, hubby was in hospital for 16 nights and then he came back to his parents’ house.

Yeah, I forgot to mention that didn’t I? We were 200 miles from home. We packed for two nights and were there 16 at that point. I made a quick trip home for necessities while he was in hospital and another one home a couple days after he left the hospital to pick up mail and get a few things that we had forgotten or needed.

We thought we had missed a bullet but the truth is that the bullet was still headed our way.

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