My Perfect Planner

I’ve talked about my Household Notebook before.  It was a lofty goal and one fraught with perfectionism.  What I have discovered is that ONE book can’t do all I need it to do.
So here’s what I need my household notebook to do:

Homeschool Planner

  • I need to be able to look at a glance and see what our schooling plans are.  Additionally, this needs to be a running record of what we have done for documentation purposes.
  • Paper is a better choice for this.  Edited on the computer and printed out is what I’m thinking.
  • I’m using the Well Planned Day paper planner right now and it’s almost what I need.

Blog Planner

  • I want to plan out some specific goals for my blogs.  I say that I want to do things with this blog for example but then I get sidetracked and things I intended to explore don’t get done because I don’t have written down what my plan is.
  • Edited on the computer and printed out is what I will try first.

Household planner

  • I have a need to get things out of my head!  I know things that would be useful to someone if I weren’t around at the time.
  • I also want to be able to detail some cleaning routines.
  • This needs to be a combination of paper and iPhone.

Girl Scout planner

  • I have a Daisy/Brownie troop that I need to plan for.
  • I have a troop notebook already that has all my forms and things that I HAVE to have at each meeting and I think is mostly working for me but I need to have some sort of planner for thinking through meetings, planning volunteer meetings, etc.
  • Again, I’m thinking paper for brainstorming purposes.

Financial documents holder

  • I need a place that financial documents can be easily found.  I have a pretty extensive filing system, but I still seem to to be the only person who can find anything in it.
  • This also needs to be something that has account information that can be easily accessed.

Family telephone directory

Address and phone listing and would be nice to have birthdays and anniversaries documented.

Emergency planning

What are our emergency plans? Could I grab this information quickly and get out of the house if I needed to?
This video makes me think:

A place for journaling, notes, ideas, brainstorming

  • Really this needs to be my brain on paper.  What are my priorities for the week?  I have a tendency to be trying to deal with whatever the “emergency” seems to be.  It would be nice to get ahead and not have any emergencies.

Bible Study

  • Somewhere to document my studies and journal.

Family Calendar

  • Right now, Google Calendar is working for us pretty well.  I share the calendar with hubby and I can access it when I need it.

Task list 

  • Using Awesome Note on my phone right now.  It’s a good but not perfect solution.  I’d really like to be able to quickly set-up tasks on the computer instead of having to input everything in the phone.


  • long term and short.
  • Action lists.

I also want and need some of this on my iPhone.  Some of it needs to be shared with my husband.  Some of it purely for my use and enjoyment so it needs to be pretty and or creative.

So what about you?  Do you need a planner?  Do you need a hybrid planner?  One planner? Several planners?  What needs to be in yours?  Let me know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “My Perfect Planner

  1. I get a paper student planner for tracking homeschool lessons. Each day has 12 full lines. The older kid's lessons go on the left side of each day, the younger kid's lessons go on the lower right side, and my personal agenda goes on the upper right (i.e. compile list of library books, plan menu, dental appt, thaw frozen food, etc.). I also write appts and outings on the monthly calendar page, so I can see my general schedule for the month at a glance. I foresee a day when I'll have to buy a second planner just for the younger kid. I'm hopeful that the older one will be in charge of her own planner by then. Anyway, every weekend I write out the lessons to be done that week. Sometimes that gets done on Friday afternoon, but sometimes it gets put off until Sunday evening. On the rare days that the older kid doesn't finish everything on the daily schedule, I simply write that assignment in on the next day's agenda. If not everything is done by bedtime on Friday, she knows she'll have to do school on Saturday. We average Saturday school about twice a semester, and usually that's due to an illness or having family in town, not slacking off. Anyway, the $10-15 for a student planner each year has saved my sanity many times over. Paper planners can't easily be "edited" by students and are highly unlikely to ever be stolen.

  2. I really like the Well Planned Day homeschool planner but like I said, it doesn't have room for anything else. I'm actually thinking about cannibalizing it for the rest of the year into my new planner. I'll have to completely destroy it for that. I like the idea of having kids learn to keep up with their own planning and I think we'll work that in eventually.

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