237978620_2265a8ea65_z I haven’t really talked much about what’s going on with my shoulder. Mainly because it scares the crap out of me.

Turns out I don’t have a torn rotator cuff, but a pinched nerve resulting from a bulging disc in my NECK!

There’s something about the term “bulging disc” that scares you. Especially when it’s in your neck and when you’re only 43. The cause is unknown. This sort of thing can happen spontaneously or by accidents. I could have injured it that night or I could have had it for years but I  was asymptomatic until now.

I did physical therapy for 3 weeks but that just seemed to make it worse. What finally helped was getting John to give me a massage a couple times a week and a TENS machine.

I had an epidural last week.  I’m not sure that it made things better but it didn’t make anything worse.

I’m having discomfort more than pain. A twinge here and throb there. I’m more concerned with the loss of strength and dexterity in my dominant hand right now than pain. I can’t trust that hand with anything heavy or moderately weighty if I have to lift something over my head.

My neck isn’t bad enough for surgery and only divine intervention will heal me permanently.

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