How not to spend a holiday weekend

I spent most of yesterday at the emergency room. 

Wednesday, I was playing with the kids and jerked my arm the wrong way. I had an instant of incredible pain in my shoulder and then it was better – sore but not especially painful. I didn’t really think anymore about it. That is, until the next morning when it was still sore. 

Griffin has had a tummy bug this week so I have had a rough week with lots of sleepless nights. But nothing quite like Friday night when my arm started hurting really really bad.
Saturday,  I knew that I had done something seriously wrong to my arm but I really thought it could probably wait until sometime next week to get to a doctor. I was so wrong. I was up almost all night Saturday night with my arm and shoulder aching. 
I decided early early Sunday morning that if it wasn’t better when I finally woke up that I would just go ahead and go to the emergency room. I really didn’t want to go to the emergency room. But i didn’t really think I had much choice if it still hurt like it did.
So I got up yesterday morning and went to the emergency room and waited and waited and waited. Being a holiday weekend, the place was packed. And they were using coaster pagers  to track people. Something about HIPPA. 
Four hours later and an X-ray and dealing only with a physician’s assistant and being on a gurney in the hall instead of an exam room confirmed that my shoulder wasn’t fractured or dislocated. The PA suspected a rotator cuff injury and sent me home with pain meds, anti-inflammatory meds and a muscle relaxer. 
The meds give some relief. But not nearly enough to sleep for more than a few minutes. 
Words cannot express how NOT BETTER I am this morning.  
Alternating heat and ice helps for the few minutes I have the pack/pad on the affected area. I can’t lay down and I can’t sit up. The only position where my arm is relatively comfortable for few minutes is hanging straight down while standing or walking.  So I’m just pacing the house and porch.  Pacing and praying and crying. I know that “stinkin’ thinkin'” won’t help but I’m having a hard time staying cheerful. 
I’ve got to hang on a couple more days until I can get to an orthopedic. 
Pray for me. 
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