Preschool Concepts


The name of our homeschool is Firelight Academy.  It is based on a quote often attributed to poet William Butler Yeats:

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

Here are the subjects we are studying:

  • Language and Literacy (Reading Readiness): the alphabet, begin developing listening skills, begin discussing stories (comprehension), learn an understanding of new vocabulary, develop expressive language including asking questions to gain information and solve problems, engage in turn-taking conversations, telling stories, writing readiness skills,
  • Math readiness: develop an understanding of numbers, sorting and classifying objects, create and duplicate simple patterns, develop a sense of space and understanding of shapes, develop measuring skills
  • Science Readiness: Use processes of science (observation, identification), learn about the sciences (health, life, earth, physical)
  • Social Studies Readiness: Develop awareness of family, school, and community, develop a respect for differences, begin geographic studies (directions, landmarks, etc)
  • Artistic and Visual Skills and Readiness: Explore creative expression through visual arts, music appreciation, movement, and expression (drama). 
  • Physical Development: Work on gross motor development (climbing, walking, galloping, running in rhythm), develop fine motor skills (tearing, writing, scissors, stringing, dough and clay, pouring, transferring)
  • Spiritual Development: Begin teaching the foundations of our faith, reading and exploring Bible stories, character development through stories, begin to understand her relationship to God and Jesus, learning songs and verses to enhance understanding
  • Life Skills: Manners, playing together, cooperation, domestic tasks, intro to money management

Our preschool curriculum is all about getting ready.  I’m not doing math drills.  I’m not even getting into sight words yet.  But I find as I go through this list that there are so many things that my daughter is already excelling at.  I will likely tweak this list as the year goes by and by the time my son is 4, I’ll have completely rewritten it!

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