First Day of School

first dayMonday was Phoebe’s first day of pre-kindergarten.  She has been asking about school for months and it’s at these times that I’ve almost ignored my instincts and plans and given in to her request to go to school. 
She’s 4.  Her idea of school is a place where she gets to play with other kids.  If you ask her about what they do all day, she’ll tell you that you get to play with kids and play games and dress-up. 
But I have persevered and we started homeschooling on Monday.

Monday, we started with a picture with her holding a sign from this website and then we talked about all of the books that we’ll be reading together and all the activities and games we’ll be playing.  Then, I started teaching her the pledge of Allegiance and a brief prayer.
Next, from the Calvert School curriculum, I read Peter Rabbit to her and we talked about what naughty rabbits and little girls have in common.  Then, to supplement, I found a picture of Peter Rabbit on the internet (sorry no link) and she colored it while I kept little brother busy with a photo puzzle I made for him.

first day

The first day took about an hour and a half to complete.  That includes about 20 minutes playtime while I changed a diaper, made a bottle, looked for shoes, etc.  The curriculum for the first day was more about establishing the routine rather than any real work.
There will be another post this week where I talk more about Calvert School.  If you are considering it for your preschooler, you won’t want to miss my initial reviews.

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