Why I love scrapbooking

september-scrapbook-wowAbout 15 years ago, I inherited literally HUNDREDS of pictures.  A lot of these photos were loose in boxes, some were in old photo albums, few were labeled and all needed some time and attention given them.

That’s when I learned about scrapbooking and I never looked back.

After a few years, I branched out into rubber stamping because it gave me the ability to stretch my scrapbook dollar and a while after that, I moved into making my own cards.

At heart, I am a teacher and see my purpose as an opportunity to share what I love with folks who were like me 15 years ago.  I love showing people new techniques and I love learning them myself.  I am also aware that, when faced with the MOUNTAIN of supplies, endless ideas and, most importantly, the sheer financial burden that some crafts impose, that it’s important to start at the beginning with those things that you really need instead of just following what’s trendy.

I’m going to use this space to show you a few simple techniques that make the most of your creative dollar.  I’d far rather you buy fewer things and be happy with them, than push you to buy the next great thing and have you quit your craft because it’s too expensive.

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