Be Informed

Storm%20Siren-C_1You’re at home.  In the distance, you hear a siren.  Not a police or fire siren but an odd horn type siren.  What does it mean?  Do you know what you should do? – FEMA and Homeland Security’s Preparedness website – lists 3 key steps to preparedness.  One of these steps is Be Informed.  In this case, it means understanding what you should do if you hear a warning siren or a message scrolling at the bottom of the TV or an Emergency Broadcast System Alert.  It also means learning about what the risks are in your area like hurricanes or tsunamis or tornados and having the knowledge to know what to do if one is coming your way.

Things you can and should do:

  • Make sure everyone in your family knows what to do when they hear emergency warnings.
  • Get a NOAA Emergency Alert Radio. You can get them for about 30 bucks on
  • Make sure everyone in your household can communicate in a disaster.
  • Sign up for your county’s Emergency Notification System.  Many counties and localities have First Alert type systems that will text or call you in the event of danger in your area.  In my county, Douglas, the website is First Call. The next county over, Paulding, uses a system called Code Red.  Your local government website should have this information.  You can also check out FEMA and your state’s Emergency Management website for more information.

These are simple things that take very little money and time but will go a long way in telling you what you need to do.

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