72 Hour Kit Challenge: Part 1

 What is a 72 hour kit?

A 72 hour kit is the grouping of items that would be needed should there be an emergency.  It’s called a “72 hour” kit because 3 days is about how long it takes for emergency crews, Red Cross, local rescue groups, etc. to get mobilized during disasters.

Odds are, you already have most of the stuff that should be in your kit.  Odds are, there will be very little that you actually have to purchase.  However, do you know where a battery operated radio is in your house?  Could you lay your hands on a wrench in less than 3 minutes?  Get your kit together and you’ll know exactly where it is.

I’ll be posting a master 72 hour list that I’ve compiled from a number of sources but for right now, let’s start on simple things.

  • Storage for your kit – this can be a large rolling trash can, a rolling suitcase, backpacks, duffel bags, etc.  Think in terms of mobile.  If you have to evacuate, you need to be able to take this stuff with you.  And remember, even a small child can carry a lightly loaded backpack. 
  • A Sewing Kit – useful for many things
  • A battery operated radio
  • A flashlight – I prefer battery operated versus the crank kind.  Nothing like having the thing go dim after you’ve cranked your brains out to getting it to work.
  • Batteries!!!  Get enough for at least two rounds in the radio and the flashlight.

Another note on the storage: even a cardboard box is better than no kit.  If funds are an issue, just start gathering things in whatever large container you can find.  I’m actually going to use a large plastic storage tote for mine until I can get something else like a suitcase or something.

More items will be coming next month on the 3rd.

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