Gone Daddy Gone

gone-daddy-goneDid you know that folks steal catalytic converters off of cars to sell them for the precious metals inside?  Did you know it only takes 20 seconds with a cordless saw to cut off the catalytic converter?  Did you know that your car is inoperable without the catalytic converter or that to replace one is about 2400 smackeroos?

Yeah, me neither.

Friday afternoon, John goes out to his car after work.  He rides public transportation to work and parks the car at the train station.  So he comes out, starts the car and it sounds terrible.  He calls me.

John: The car sounds really bad.

me: Like American Idol reject bad or what?

John: It’s making a roaring noise and I don’t know if I should drive it.

me: Drive it around the parking lot.  If it won’t go, call a wrecker.

I’m a lot of help, aren’t I?

So he calls me back in a few minutes.

John: The engine light came on.  I’m calling a wrecker.

me: UGH

It’s not that I wasn’t sympathetic.  I was.  It was just that I was wondering what was wrong the with the car.  Just last weekend it was at the dealership getting an oil change and inspection.  I was wondering what it was going to cost.

So John calls me about an hour later from the dealership.

John: I am freaking out.

me: What’s the matter?

John: Somebody cut off the catalytic converter.

me: WHAT?

John: Somebody cut off the catalytic converter.

me: I heard that the first time.  I thought perhaps I was hallucinating.

John: I wish I were.

me: Why would someone cut it off?

John: Apparently folks steal these for the precious metals.  It’s gonna cost about $2400 to replace.  You need to call the insurance company.

And so I did.  Hopefully, insurance will cover this.  We now have a lovely rental minivan which just makes me wish I still had a minivan.

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