What to feed a 10 month old?

100_0947Griffin and I are in a special time right now.

At his last well-child appointment, the pediatrician said that I needed to start cutting back on his bottles and get more solid food into him.

YAY!  Formula costs roughly the same as a side of beef and cutting down helps our budget.  However, this causes another issue.  He is STARVING.


He’s a baby, feed him baby food, you say.  With some kids, this might work.  With my kid, no, not so much.

Oh, he liked the baby food until I started giving him table food.  Loved baby green beans and then I fed him real green beans and he would have nothing to do with the baby green beans.  I mean, what would you rather have: tasty green beans or snot-like green bean goo?

So meal time is fun.  What he liked yesterday, gets thrown across the room today.  He likes green beans, carrots, potatoes, peas, most any vegetable.  He likes meats.  He loves fruit. 

Pasta is hit or miss.  Spaghetti is meant to be thrown apparently.  Mac and cheese is sometimes good and sometimes throwable.  The noodles from double noodle soup is also hit or miss – meaning sometimes he hits you and sometimes he misses.

I have to steer clear of anything too acidic like tomatoes and citrus fruit – his system is still too sensitive.  I also steer clear of the major allergy prone foods like garlic, onion, strawberries, chocolate and nuts – at least until his second birthday.

So here’s my query: what do I feed my boy?  He’s 10 months old and I feel bad about just feeding him chicken nuggets, green beans, cubed cheese and diced apples.

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