Pinterest is the new crack


I was introduced to Pinterest by my awesome sister in law.   Little did she know the true horror of what she unleashed.  Now, when I have insomnia, I am on Pinterest.

Additionally, Pinterest has the strange affect of making you think you are way more crafty than you actually are.  A Lego storage rack made of PVC and scrap wood?  I can do that.  A darling little apron just perfect for my next dinner party?  I can whip that up during nap time.

For visual people like me, though, it’s perfect because I no longer have to dig through my bookmarks trying to find the picture of the room that had the interesting wall thing that I must show John as he’s walking out the door to work.

I can’t get John to look at it though.  I think he still blames me for getting him on Facebook.

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5 thoughts on “Pinterest is the new crack

  1. I don't understand Pinterest… explain it to me. I went on there and just saw a bunch of "stuff". What do I do? How do I use it?

    I wanna like it because I wanna be, you know, cool… but… but…

  2. Well it's described as a virtual pinboard – like a bulletin board with all the things you find on the internet that you want to remember. I have used Delicious in the past for bookmarking but it can be difficult to find what you're looking for there. Pinterest is a visual way of doing the same thing.
    The best way to use Pinterest is to install the "PIN IT" bookmarklet on your browser, then when you see something you want to "pin" you just click on that bookmarklet and then save it to Pinterest.
    I think it's still by invite only so if you want an invite, let me know and I'll send you one…

  3. I asked Pinterest for an invite but got put on a waiting list of some sort…

    Do you mind sending me an invite? Maybe that will work faster. Please?


  4. Would Pinterest eventually replace Facebook for you Amanda?=) Not in terms of functionality, but in time spent? I've noticed my friends also spending more and more time on Pinterest than on Facebook. I guess they grew tired of keeping up with their friends and instead are more focused on visual artsy things.

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