Hello and welcome to 2012.  I know I’m a couple days late.  Really, I do.

Truth is that I’ve been taking some long needed breaks from writing of just about any kind.  I haven’t really been tweeting and I’ve even cut back on my Facebook silliness.

I have also been thinking seriously about my writing.  I’ve never really considered myself a writer but over the last few months I’ve come to realize that I really am.   Metaphorically speaking, I’m still trying that skin on and seeing where I need to take up the hems.  Speaking practically, I’m still getting used to the idea.

So one of the things I want to do in 2012 is to take time EVERY SINGLE DAY to write.  Something.  Anything.  Y’all are more likely to see some of my more inane writing once this starts as I am keeping a running list on my phone of everything that pops into my head that might make for a good post.

Last year, my resolution was to survive pregnancy and having a newborn.  Well, I am happy to say that I did that!

This year, I want to work on my writing.  What are you working on?

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