October’s Meal planning

I was inspired to share this with all of you this month.  I was reading one of my favorite once a month cooking websites and she shared her own meal plan.  Now granted I’m not cooking tons of this at once but I am doing a little bulk cooking. 

My October Meal Plan

  1. Chicken Tacos
  2. Breakfast for dinner
  3. BBQ Sandwiches
  4. Leftover BBQ
  5. Homemade Pizza
  6. Grilled Chicken Burritos
  7. Baked Potatoes with the fixin’s
  8. OUT
  9. OUT with Family
  10. Delivery Pizza
  11. Beef Stew Bowls
  12. Cornish Pasties
  13. Big Salad
  14. Chicken Tortilla Soup
  15. Chicken Quesadillas
  16. Homemade Pizza
  17. Hamburgers
  18. Hot dogs
  19. Turkey and veggies
  20. Turkey Turkey Club Sandwiches
  21. OUT
  22. Burgers
  23. Turkey Enchiladas
  24. Kielbasa
  25. Cranberry Chicken 
  26. BBQ Sandwiches
  27. Leftover BBQ
  28. Veggie Beef Soup
  29. Leftover Soup
  30. Coca Cola Chicken
  31. Turkey Enchiladas

This is a plan.  It doesn’t mean it’s written in stone.  The only things that are absolutely sure things are the items for the first 7 days as I just went grocery shopping and the turkey related items.

I bought the turkey about 6 months ago and he’s been hanging out in my deep freeze.  I think its about time to get him out and cook him up.

What this plan does for me though is help me when I’m trying to figure out what we should have.  This way, I can create my grocery list in advance and then check the sales and act accordingly.

Do you plan this far ahead with your meal planning?

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