Not a happy camper

Small rant here.

Friday, I spent the afternoon at the emergency room after experiencing very bad stomach pains.

Turns out, I’m having a bout of diverticulitis. I was given antibiotics and pain meds and told to follow up with a gastroenterologist. I have a colonoscopy in my future.

I’m also dealing with bad tendinitis in the thumb of my left hand – and of course I’m left handed so yeah it hurts to do almost everything. The trouble started about a month before G wad born. At some point, in my busy schedule, I need to go see the Wrist Dude. Not yet though – I got other problems.

My kid has had an upset tummy for almost a week and has developed a nice rash that obviously hurts. The BRAT diet is in place.

Oh and a painful skin condition I’ve had for years is completely out of control right now. So yahoo.

Went to the podiatrist Wednesday just to find out that I have THREE suspected warts. More bug juice and I’m limping.

We’ve got one our new toilets leaking into the ceiling over our laundry area. So we gotta deal with that.

My youngest, while greatly improved, still thinks 1AM is party time.

Oh. And Aunt Flo showed up for a visit. The bitch.

How are you doing?

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