The Dreams of Your Heart

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         I’ve talked about this before, but if you remember, Moo and I have been searching for a church ever since we moved to our house 7 years ago.

I have some very specific requirements and so far, none of the churches in our area work for us.

I’ve discovered that a large church in Texas really touches my heart in all the right ways and they show their services live on the internet on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings.  More often than not, I watch the Saturday night service and it really gears me up for the next week. 

Last night, the minister said “You have to open your mind up to new ideas.”  And then later on he said that “There is no dream in your heart too big for God.”

I have always believed that the dreams of your heart, your heart’s desire, whatever you want to call it – are put there by God because YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO IT. 

In the church I grew up in, we often talked about the call to service that God put in the heart of ministers, but I always believed that it wasn’t just ministers who were called.  I believed that doctors were called to heal in His name.  I believed that teachers were called to teach in His name.  I believed that accountants were called to juggle the numbers in His name; writers to write in His name, etc etc…

I am a Christian, but I am what my father always called a pragmatic Christian.  I look at the spiritual through logic and order.  In all the books of all the religions, in the beginning there was Chaos and God brought order.  So in my opinion, order is the goal of everything.  In my beliefs, we are given things we like to do and things we are good at (which are usually the same thing!) because that is WHAT WE ARE MEANT TO DO! 

In my beliefs, this is logical.  After all, why would God give us things to do that we don’t like to do??  I’m not saying that every task is pleasant and a joy.  I don’t like mopping my kitchen floor or taking out the garbage, but like having a clean kitchen and I like cooking in that clean kitchen.

I have a dream in my heart that I will have the opportunity to do the things I’ve always loved in my career (administrative stuff, database development, payroll and HR) where I work with my husband in my own business.  My dream also includes being able to be home with my children.

When I visualize what this looks like, I’m working in my office, Phoebe is sitting at a table in the room coloring or drawing pictures and baby boy is on a blanket nearby playing.

So when that minister said that I have to open my mind, I immediately jumped on it.  That message immediately resonated with everything in my soul and it has played in my mind over and over again.

So I am keeping an open mind and I am ready for God to fill my mind with the ways to do His will.

Do you need to open your mind?  Do you need to reminded of the desires of your heart?

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