35 Weeks

So yesterday was the beginning of week 35 and I spent it running to my perinatologist.

My fasting blood sugar is still not up to par or rather down to par or .. WHATEVER.  So we went up on my insulin again. GAH!

It feels like a personal failure.  I know that I’m watching what I eat.  I write down what I eat, so I KNOW what’s going in my mouth.  And I am CONSISTENTLY under the number of recommended carbs but my fasting blood sugar is CONSISTENTLY above what we want.

So I added the additional insulin last night and this morning! 95!  Under 100!  YAY!!  Still not under 90 but closer.

After a day of appointments, I tend to have leg cramps so it was into the tub with me last night for a nice warm bath and then off to bed at 10.  So nice.. except I was hot.  And I had leg cramps anyway… And I had this creepy crawly feeling.

I get this way right before my period most months – it feels like I have bugs on my skin or something.  It was bad enough last winter that I was afraid we had bed bugs and I inspected the mattress with a magnifying glass and flashlight.

Since I’ve been pregnant, the creepy crawly feeling comes about once every couple of weeks so it’s got to be hormonal some how.

Today, I’m working on putting together my hospital bag and of course, since I’m a list maker, that means putting together a list and checking it about 4,736 times.

Here’s the list so far:

  • Toiletries like shower gel and shampoo (SCORE!  I found some shampoo I acquired from our hotel room at DisneyWorld last year.  It SMELLS SO GOOD… ) and toothbrush and toothpaste and hairbrush and hairbands and other stuff like that…
  • Carmex – in case my lips are dry
  • Pajamas – cuz those gowns are sooooo sexy… Besides last time after the first day or so, it was nice to get up and have a shower and “get dressed”.  PJ’s reminded me that I’d just had major surgery but I felt more presentable to company and while walking the halls.  AND THEY MAKE YOU WALK as soon as you can.
  • Ginormous granny panties – cuz of the “Grossness” that follows childbirth
  • Also, Maxi Pads – in case I hate what the hospital has…
  • Socks
  • comfy bras
  • Nugget’s going home outfit and booties – the hospital we use provides t-shirts and blankets while you’re there but you want something cute for pictures and for coming home.
  • Pen and paper – cuz I will be given a million instructions and I will NOT remember half of it unless I write it down.
  • Some kind of file folder thingie – they give you about a million pieces of paper that YOU. JUST. HAVE. TO. KEEP. Like the birth certificate verification and photo order forms and stuff…
  • Phone charger – cuz my phone is also my entertainment…
  • Nail file – cuz Phoebe came out of the womb with a set of sharp talons and I was afraid to cut her nails.
  • Also, mittens – for the same reason…
  • Carseat – cuz they won’t let me take Nugget home without it…

I’m considering taking:

  • Laptop – Moo brought his last time and I surfed some and figure I could watch Netflix on it with the AWESOME free WIFI at the hospital.
  • Camera – amazingly this is not hot mainly because my phone is also a pretty good camera.
  • Pop-up laundry basket – Moo says I don’t need it but I’m still torn.  I mean, I can just unpack the suitcase and use it for dirty laundry.

Note, I’m not taking a few things on other lists because I am having a c-section so I have no need of things for labor like tennis balls or massagers for my back or watch for timing contractions.

What else?

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