Day 23: Something you wish you had done in your life

I wish I’d learned how to budget before now.

Before I was married, I still lived at home with my folks and I mostly did what I wanted with my money.  I had a car payment and a couple of credit cards but no other real bills.

After Mom and Dad separated, Mom and I split bills until I got married and then Moo and I split bills.

It wasn’t until we bought our house three years into our marriage that we even had a joint bank account.

But even then, we really didn’t set up a serious budget.  Oh we knew how much money we made and we made a moderate effort to stay out of debt, but we didn’t really stress out over it.

However, since Phoebe was born, we have seriously buckled down.  For one thing, we’ve gone from two incomes to one.  We also had some debt that we needed to deal with – nothing big but big enough that it squeezed us pretty good.

We got out of debt except for the house and stayed out but we still didn’t save like we should have.

Now, we’ve changed all that.  We’ve learned how to budget down to the penny and we work hard to keep our expenses as low as possible and we’re beginning to be able to put a little away.  Not a lot – not yet, but it’s coming.

So that’s what I wish I’d done. I wish I’d been smarter sooner.

I imagine a lot of people wish for that.


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