Half Way Baby…

Today, I am 20 weeks pregnant.


I am feeling a lot better.  Still having trouble with eating breakfast.  All my normal breakfasts (cereal, fruit, oatmeal) makes me sick, so I’m eating boiled eggs and crackers for the most part.

I FAILED my Glucose Tolerance Test.  BIG TIME.  As in, I got 189 on it.  At a range of 140 to 180, they make you do the 3 hour Tolerance test.  At 189, they just call you a diabetic and forget the 3 hour test.

So if there’s an upside to getting the GD diagnosis this early, it’s that I don’t have to drink any more Glucola EVER AGAIN.

The downside?  Since I still have my blood monitor, I’m already testing my blood 4 times a day.  Which means that I’m sticking myself, saying bad words and then adjusting my diet.  Which just seems to lead to more boiled eggs as they don’t run my sugar up.

If eating boiled eggs 3 meals a day will postpone taking insulin shots like I did in the last pregnancy, I will eat them with a smile for the remainder of the pregnancy.

Next week, I’m finally having my foot surgery.  THANK GOODNESS!!  My foot hurts and I am tired of feeling like I have gum stuck to my foot.

And just to gross y’all out, I’ve posted a picture so you can see what I’m walking around on.  If you are squeamish, don’t look.  If you like looking at weird stuff, here you go

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