Walking Ball of Misery

Pregnancy Countdown: 7 weeks, 1 day

I had forgotten how miserable morning sickness was.

I get up and feel pretty ok.  Then after about 30 minutes, I am in the pit of hell.  Nothing I eat helps.  Nothing I drink stops it.  I just get more and more nauseous until I puke up whatever I’m eating to make it better.

I’ve got a prescription for some Phenerg*n and that’s helping – even though it makes me loopy and sleepy and dizzy.

With SM, I found the key was eating a frozen waffle within about 20 minutes of getting up.  Tried that this time and it didn’t even touch it.

Interestingly, popcorn is absolutely DELICIOUS right now.  And I am craving MEATBALLS – and not just any meatballs but the meatballs and sauce of a little restaurant that used to be open in the little town I live in.  Yes, I said, USED TO BE OPEN.  I am craving their noodles and sauce and meatballs like crazy.

A couple of days ago, I told Moo that I wanted fajitas and he took me to our local hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant.  Those were the absolutely BEST FAJITAS EVER!!!

The thing is, I AM STARVING.  From the time I get up until about 4 or 5 PM everything I eat either comes back or threatens to.  Then, I am hungry.  Ravenously hungry.  The nausea is still there but it’s more subdued and I can subdue it with food.

I keep telling Moo that I just have to figure out what the puzzle this time.. I just have to keep trying things that keeps the sickness under control and then I will fill the HOUSE WITH IT!!

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