Random thoughts from a scattered mind…

Time for a random update of what’s going on at the Nervous Breakdown ranch.

  1. Moo’s toe is completely healed – hallelujah!
  2. Remember when I ran over my toe in February and had to have the toenail removed in March? We’ll a couple of weeks ago, I did it again. This time, I stubbed my toe on the couch and knocked the nail almost completely loose. Took a trip to urgent care and got the nail removed. If you’re into looking at sick things, you can see the pic of my toe here.
  3. I have started my business full time. I am still doing a lot of groundwork type stuff. You know setting up my books, making contacts, that sort of thing. I’ve done one workshop and have another one scheduled later this month. If you’re interested in card making, scrapbooking, making gifts, etc. drop me a line. I can help you host your own private workshop. If you’d rather just take a look, check out my creative blog at www.hyppychick.com
  4. Baby girl is coming up on her first birthday. I KNOW! This year has flown by. She’s so different than the lump that I first held on July 16, 2008. Moo doesn’t like it when I say that newborns are the larva of humans. I mean, they don’t do anything but eat, crap and sleep. They can’t even turn their heads at first. And to top it off? Take a close look at several newborn babies. You’ll notice they all look strangely the same. I mean sure you can pick out the essence of uncle Charlie’s nose or grandma Smith’s eyes, but they all look mostly alike.
  5. Baby girl is now drinking – pretty reliably – from a sippy cup. We tried every sippy cup in the world trying to figure out which cup to use. This one says it’s most like drinking from a regular cup; that one says it’s leak proof. This one has complicated valve things that look easy to lose; that one is all one piece but a terror to clean. We finally had success with a simple cup that had no moving parts and no valves. It’s not completely leak proof but she willingingly drinks from it.
  6. Walking: hmmmm.. what to say about walking. Can she walk? She take a few steps and has been known to toddle across the living room. But I’m not sure I classify her as a walker yet. If she has any distance to go to, say, grab the remote control, then she takes a step or two, drops to her knees and ZOOM! She’s off.

That’s it for now. I’ll be uploading a bunch of pics of little girl soon.

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