Things I wish someone had told me…

I wish someone had told me about:

  1. Baby poop – nuff said.
  2. How nasty baby meat in a jar is… Phoebe won’t touch it. It’s absolutely disgusting and I’m not even trying to feed it to her anymore.
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19 thoughts on “Things I wish someone had told me…

  1. #1 – i am having a hard time (read losing my mind over) my son repetively putting his hands/feet in the poop while wrestling to change a diaper.

    #2 – Just give her the meat you make for dinner. You’re right, It’s gross!

  2. The world of baby poop is horrifyingly all encompassing.

    And I second the “just give her the meat you made for dinner”. She’ll suck on it and love the taste but since she has no molars won’t do more than gum it around and love the taste.

    P.S. – She is ADORABLE.

  3. My daughter didn’t like it, and I’m not even attempting it with the twins. They’ll eat the mixed meat with veggies or fruit already mixed in, but the meat by itself, YUCK!
    Here from ICOMLEAVE

  4. ICLW, here…

    Your daughter is so adorable!! And yeah, baby food. ICK! I’ve never been a fan of the smell, the look… none of it. Good luck!

  5. She’s very sweet. I’m glad you told me, anyways. I’ll try to remember that if I ever get to the other side. Maybe I should ask the chicken. ICLW

  6. The jarred “meat” is HORRIBLE! I don’t think anyone told you because they all blocked that stuff from their memory. I know I did *shudders* horrible stuff! Adorable pictures below. Her smile is beautiful!

  7. I could’ve told you that about the baby meat. My mom had my sister when I was 8, and so by the time she was old enough for jarred meat I was old enough to realize, and remember, that it smells and looks worse than dog food.

    My kid will be a vegetarian until she can chew, cuz ew.

  8. Sadly, I never even realized they made meat baby food! I thought it was just fruit and veggies! Shows how much I know. LOL.


  9. Meat baby food reminds me of cat food, and none of it is appealing!

    And the poop? It only gets worse!

    Your daughter is gorgeous. 🙂


  10. ~giggle~. What freaks me out the most is toddler poop. Specifically, the poop coming out of my darling little 4 year old. It’s just too disturbing to even think about.

    Love the Friday Cuteness picture!


  11. Thanks for the warning. I didn’t even know they made baby food in “meat”…yuck.

    I saw your Dave Ramsey button – we’re doing the Total Money Makeover, too! Here’s to financial freedom 🙂 Oh, and your daughter is ADORABLE, btw.


  12. My sons could not stand it!!! I had to hide it behind the fruit and vegetables….. Vienna sausage was a nice alternative.

    She is getting cuter and cuter every day!!!!!!! Call me , I lost your home phone number. T quit.

  13. Hi! Here from ICLW. I totally agree with your babyproofing approach described below. And your mom sounds exactly like mine. I live in NYC where parenting and the amount of money you spend doing so is a competitive sport- people hire “professional” babyproofers to come in. Cracks me up!

    I have made a lot of my own baby food, and ground beef is the easiest and the one my baby likes the most. Ground beef and avocado is a favorite of his. I also blend chicken, peas, and brown rice and he loves that.

    Good luck. And I think you’ll find that on this post number 1 will only get grosser as a result of number 2!

  14. LOL.. you crack me up! I’ll be honest like one of the other comments I had no idea they had meet. I too thought it was just fruits and veggies! :0) Oh I have much to learn.

    The poop, however, I think I am prepared for. I have cared for many little ones (cousins,nieces, nephews, friend’s kids) but now that you say it that way I am starting to get scared again! :0)

    Absolutely love your baby’s smile with the teeth coming in…AWE!! Best of luck!


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