Best Parenting Advice I’ve Received…

When you are pregnant and right after the baby is born, everyone and their brother is giving you advice or telling you how your life is about to change. The best advice that Moo and I received however, came to us via our internist. He said:

Remember, she came to live with you, not the other way around.

I think of this advice on a daily basis. I think people put way too much emphasis on their children and I don’t think it does the kids any good. Now, I am doing the stay at home mom thing but beside being good for everyone involved, it’s the result of a financial decision too.

If you live for your children, what will you do in 18-20 years? Can you go cold turkey? Can you let them go?

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3 thoughts on “Best Parenting Advice I’ve Received…

  1. I think that’s what causes a lot of breakups. All of a sudden you don’t have anyone to supervise any more, and you start supervising each other. Which gets really old. Happened to my parents.

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