So what do you do with your baby?

This may seem like an idiotic question, but what do you do with a baby after they stop sleeping all the time?

Let me expand on this a bit.

My daughter is 3 months old. She’s awake a lot
more now and I don’t know exactly what to do with her. She likes to sit in my lap, so we do that a lot.

She’ll sit in the bouncy for a few minutes so I can do stuff in the kitchen.

She occasionally decides that her swing is not some sort of medieval torture device and will swing in it for 20-30 minutes before remembering that it is her mortal enemy.

I can also put her on the floor on the cute little play mat I got for her, but she doesn’t like to be alone so I have to sit there with her while she’s on it.

I also occasionally put her in the carrier and she has a good time there for a while (here she’s trying to eat her hand – a favorite past time).

Of course, now that I look at this list, I realize I’ve got a lot of options.. so maybe y’all could just suggest some other activities??

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One thought on “So what do you do with your baby?

  1. Harry is only two months, but he never slept a ton. In addition to the playmat (which Harry loves — we change out the toys to keep him interested) and the swing, we read stories, listen to music and sing along, have proto-conversations (we face one another and I talk and he coos back), go for walks in the stroller. We usually do stories and music with him in my lap, but I have friends who do both with their babies in the bouncy seat (which Harry isn’t into). It is tough to get much done, since almost all these things involve me doing them too, but I can get some stuff done when he naps and after he goes to bed at night.

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