Fridays are difficult

Unlike most people, I find Fridays to be somewhat.. challenging now.

Let me ‘splain.

Moo and I only have one car. On Fridays, I drive him to the train station and keep the car for various and sundry errands and grocery shopping. This is not the trouble. The trouble is that no matter what I get accomplished on Fridays, I never feel like I’ve accomplished anything.

Today, I’ve taken Moo to the train station, gone grocery shopping, stopped by the bank and gone to Baby Nirvana. I’ve also made a pitcher of formula, paid the guy who cuts our grass, taken out trash, gone to the chiropractor for an adjustment, filled, run and emptied the dishwasher and had lunch. On top of the fact that I’m toting a 3 month old around in a baby carrier who likes to be changed, fed, and played with on occasion.

It’s the things I haven’t done that seem to bog me down on Fridays. I still haven’t gotten all the baby purchases out of the car. I wanted to make some cupcakes, clean the car, put a Netflix video in the mail, clean our master bathroom… the list goes on and on. And I know that I won’t get it all done today. But then, sometimes it’s hard for me to see the forest for the trees.

I’m generally an optimistic person so this glass half full feeling isn’t very nice. I end up feeling like I’m just bumming around not getting anything done, wasting time, wasting the opportunity I’ve been given to stay home with my kid and make a living.

So, I’m resolving NOT to do this anymore. Here on day 5 of my 100 day reality challenge to change my life, I am always optimistic and know that there are only so many hours in the day. I get everything done that needs to be done. I am a great wife and mother and I love my life.

How do you let the little things bog you down?

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One thought on “Fridays are difficult

  1. I give you a GREAT BIG HIGH FIVE for taking your life by the reins! Even on the days where it gets hard, keep pushing forward! 🙂

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