My little monster

Internet access was spotty and in fact went out last week. I am fending off a cold with fluids and positive thinking. (I feel great. I feel great. I am clear. My nose is clear.)

Working on a few items and hope to have some posts up soon for various projects I’m working on. Meanwhile, you need a picture of my kid to make you as happy as me.

This is my little monster. This picture was taken this past Saturday and she was a real trouper even though mommy wanted her to get pix done in both her monster Halloween costume as well as a little dress.

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9 thoughts on “My little monster

  1. that is a cute little monster. Thank you so much for your comment. i appreciate it very much so. As for debt-free.. I only have student loans now, we have worked very hard to become debt free before I went out on mat. leave.

  2. What a doll! I hope you feel better soon. I swear, Monster C is the way to go. That stuff steers me clear of colds every time. *ICLW*

  3. I’ve never seen a cuter monster! I thought the monster in “Monsters. Inc” was pretty cute, but yours takes the cake! 🙂


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