To control or not to control

For the first time since 2005, I’ve got to think about birth control of all things. I was on the Pill back in 2005 when Moo and I decided to become parents. If you’ll remember, it took us two years, constant monitoring of my cycles, two Ovarian cysts and 3 months of Metformin to achieve pregnancy. Not the kind of long hard trip that some folks go through, but long and tiring and aggravating.

So when I went to House O’ Babies for my 6 week check-up a few month ago, midwife Lois was ready to talk birth control. To that point, I knew a couple of things. I knew I didn’t want to go back on the pill. I was on the pill from the age of 19 until 35 to make me actually have a period and I just didn’t want to deal with it. First 6 months I was on the pill, I lost 30 pounds and while that sound fairly tempting, I lost weight because I was nauseous all the time.

Second thing, I’d decided I wasn’t going to go on birth control. I’d gotten pregnant because I’d used the tactics of Taking Charge of Your Fertility (TCOYF) to understand my best chances at fertility. Also it had taken medical intervention for us to get pregnant. So I figured that getting pregnant spontaneously was a distant possibility.

So knowing that I didn’t want to use medical intervention, I went ahead and discussed BC options with Lois – basically to shut her up. She came up with Nuvaring after I told her I didn’t want to go back on the pill (She first recommended Mirena, but said it might be more difficult to insert since I didn’t labor or dilate). Then she gave me a prescription and 3 samples of the ring.

Fast forward a couple of weeks of unprotected lovin’ and Manda’s paranoid. Still no period. No signs of fertility ala TCOYF. Nothing. Reassurances from What to Expect When Your Expecting and Dr Google that it can take up to 24 WEEKS before menstruation returns after delivery.

Decide it can’t hurt to try Nuvaring. Application is amazingly easy. Moo takes a “whatever you want to do babe, I’ll support you” attitude.

Fast forward almost another two weeks and last night I’m peeing on a stick to allay my fears that despite everything, I’m pregnant.

Yes, people. I peed on a stick.

Why did I pee on a stick? Well I’m tired. Could be that I’m tired cause I’m a new mom, don’t get the best sleep, stayed up late almost every night over the weekend.

Also I’m nauseous. Yes, it’s a known side effect of the Nuvaring. It’s also something I do when it’s time for my period. I was also sick as a dog during the first trimester so I feel slightly vindicated for this one.

I am happy to say that the test was negative. Now, on with our show.

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3 thoughts on “To control or not to control

  1. I;m glad for you that it was a big fat neg! I can’t take BC because I gain massive amounts of weight when I take them. I’m talking 30 pounds in 2 months. So we double up, haha. I love your blog, your daughter is adorable, too.

  2. Congrats on the baby and the negative test. 🙂 I had something similar happen not long after I had my son and I was freaked…mostly because I was still HUGE from pregnancy and I didn’t want to gain weight again. 🙂 Isn’t that silly?

    Now, it’s time to start thinking about trying for another one. I would love to have a little girl.

    (visiting from mbc)

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