Stir Crazy

Let’s meander thru Amanda’s thought processes a little, shall we?

First, I went to my primary care doc last week to check on my back. I love my PCP. He was also the doc to my grandmother, father and mother and he sees Moo as well. He’s covered us all and he’s only in his mid-forties. He oohed and ahhed over little Miss Phoebe and then checked me out. He agreed with the sciatica diagnosis, but wanted me to have a urine culture too to eliminate that from the list. Yesterday, I got a call that I do indeed have a urinary tract infection and I’m on lovely Bactrim to deal with it.

What’s so bad about this is that I haven’t been feeling good at all, but have been ignoring it largely because I’m almost 4 weeks postpartum and figured it was all part of that. I’ve actually been healing quite well from the c-section, but have been really tired and achy lately and just figured that I was overdoing my activities.

As noted in another post, my back and the c-section healing have caused me to become a little stir-crazy, so when I do get out of the house, I am more likely to do something incredibly stupid like wander around the mall or around Baby Nirvana (BRU) for long periods of time until my back is starting to tighten up. As with other things with me, I have no idea what “slow and steady” means. As a result, when we get home, I’m on the couch or in bed bitching and complaining about my back and crying in frustration.

The baby is doing really well. Moo and I seem to understand how to take care of this little creature and with the exception of a few times, our home is still relatively quiet. She’s a really good baby and just doesn’t cry that much. (except for today when she wants to be held all day!!)

As noted above, there is still a little bit of weepiness, but it has largely passed (THANK GOODNESS!!). Now, I’m into feeling guilty.

When my back is bothering me at night, I need help from Moo and it just kills me to ask it of him. Yes, I know this is his kid too and yes, I know I just had major surgery a few weeks ago now along with a UTI making me feeling like crap. But, logic doesn’t apply here.

I feel like since he’s leaving home everyday to go to work that he should be able to rest a bit when he gets home. I hate to be the kind of wife that comes up with some insane number of tasks that need to be completed the moment he walks in the door. I’d like to enjoy his company and would like him to have time with Phoebe as well.

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