Tomorrow is the DAY!!

We’re scheduled for a c-section tomorrow at 9:30 AM.

I am excited, scared, ready.

As soon as I or Moo can operate the cell phone, I’ll send some photos to the blog. Meanwhile, my brain is too busy to put together a serious entry.

Her lungs are now mature and we’re ready to rock and roll!!!

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4 thoughts on “Tomorrow is the DAY!!

  1. Oh Amanda you are a blessing I pray you have a speedy recovery . Enjoy your little ball of light isn’t it amazing how God gives us the gift of creation . I can honestly say that was the best days of my life was giving birth twice .

  2. Congratulations Amanda! I look forward to viewing many baby pics very soon. Being a MOM is the hardest job you will ever love. Hello little Phoebe!

    Nanell Smith

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