Third time is the charm and my ass hurts!!

Ok, so Friday was the second amnio to check Spider Monkey’s lung maturity. I first had an appointment at House O’Babies with nice midwife Lois and then it was next door to the perinatologist’s office for the amnio.

Lois assured me that the pelvic girdle pain I’ve been feeling is totally normal and that besides a belly belt, there’s not a lot we can do. Sigh..

Next it was down the hall to Dr P’s office. As I’ve said before, I really like my perinatologist, but by the end of this last visit, I’d be glad never to see him again.

It took THREE attempts to get the fluid sample. The first one didn’t “feel” right. The second one was thwarted by baby’s leg – which he tried to move by jostling my belly while the NEEDLE WAS IN MY STOMACH. But it was the last attempt that made me almost jump off the table. The first syringe he drew up was full of blood – not a good sample. He changed out the syringe while the needle was still in my belly and can I say GOOD GRIEF THAT HURTS YOU B!$T!RD?!?!

I have a pretty high tolerance for pain. I didn’t make a noise through the first two attempts. I just kept my breathing slow and easy and my eyes focused on the ceiling. By the end of the third attempt, I was whimpering and telling him this had better be the last attempt.

I realized as I walked to the car afterwards that the first amnio back on July 1 was a walk in the park compared to this. After that first one, I didn’t really have any cramping, just soreness at the injection site. This time, I had painful cramps and thought I’d vomit from the pain.

For the rest of the evening, I lounged on the couch. I had some severe contractions, but they would go away if I changed position or drank something.

Of course, looking back, there was funny moment. I was walking out of Dr P’s office after the procedure. You have to walk through the waiting room to exit. As I walked through, I said to myself but loud enough for anyone to hear, “That hurt like a son of a bitch!” I saw more than one preggo look at me in fear and surprise, like what kind of ultrasound did she have?!?! I know a little sick and twisted of me, but you take your kicks where you can when you’ve been stuck in the belly with a giant needle 3 times!!!

Next appointment is tomorrow (Tuesday) with both another MD at House O’Babies and Dr P to find out results of the amnio.

Saturday, I was feeling a lot better, so Moo and I decided we’d go do something nice and easy. So we went to see Hellboy II – very good, I highly recommend it.

While we were in the theater, I felt SM shift and I think she dropped or lightened or whatever folks call it now. I went into the theater with pelvic girdle pain and left with sciatica. By yesterday morning, I was finding it difficult to walk.

This morning, I’m ok, but the sciatica is incredible. I can stand up with no pain and sit with no pain which is new. With the pelvic girdle issue, both of these were an issue. Now it’s moving one foot in front of the other that makes me wince.

My co-workers are amused when I suddenly yell out, “My ASS HURTS!”.. Really, these people have no idea of how to deal with me.

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