Phoebe’s Room

For all those folks who wanted to see the kid’s room, here’s the grand tour…

Here’s the view of the crib from the door:

Next, we have a view of the changer/dresser from the door. You can also see the closet with the diaper stacker and the wall art that coordinates with our bedding.

Here’s our dresser/changer combo. The baskets underneath hold onesies, grooming supplies (like baby lotion and baby shampoo) and wipes. There are also two drawers under this that contain clothes, blankets and bibs.

Next up, another view of the crib. This time, you can also see the doll cradle. This cradle was given to Moo’s sister by a favorite aunt. It was then passed to my niece and now it’s being passed to Spider Monkey.

Here’s another shot of the cradle. You can see puppets and stuffed animals here.

Another view of the crib – here you can also see the baby’s name on the wall. I covered wood letters with decorative paper and used Mod Podge with sparkles to seal the letters.

A closer view of the letter H shows the sparkles better.

Inside the crib: No, the bumper pad is not tied in yet. I’m wavering between removing it altogether and going ahead and tying it in. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends removing bumper pads. Additionally, it’s gonna be hard to change the sheets with this thing in there. But it’s so gosh darn cute!!!

Lastly, a view of the dragon art over the diaper changer.

Here’s a Grandpa dragon reading to a baby dragon.

And a fairy reading to a dragon – yes, dragons are our theme. I got these two pieces of art from the Etsy shop of Lisa Victoria – you can visit her shop here.

Last, but not least, here’s my favorite piece of art from artist L A Williams:

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