Ok – so I lied

This writing coherent thoughts while taking care of a newborn, recovering from a c-section and healing my back thing isn’t quite working like I thought it would. Of course, I didn’t count on sciatica complicating things. I’m still working on the birth story and will have it up soon.

Yes, my back is still bothering me. I’ve visited my chiropractor twice now since leaving the hospital a week and a half ago and while my back is 100% better, it’s still not better. Meaning that while I can mostly walk around the house and do a couple of things here and there like take care of the baby without sobbing (something I couldn’t do the first couple of days we were home), I’m still pretty much housebound and will remain this way for at least a few more days.

What I should have done was visit my chiropractor the day before Phoebe was born. I had an appointment scheduled for that morning. But, I talked myself out of it because I thought all my problems were because of the baby resting on the nerve. But unbeknownst to me, my hip was out too and that really caused a massive amount of inflammation.

So, two chiro visits later, a little rest, some well placed ice packs and massive amounts of Advil and Vicodin and I’m at 75%. This is a huge improvement over when I first got home. Then, I would say I was at 25% – maybe lower. Add in a healthy dose of baby blues and you have one unhappy new momma.

Now, for my friends who know my history of depression, I know what you’re thinking. The difference here is how I feel. When I’ve been depressed, there was a certain amount of hopelessness – that feeling that things would never improve but would just stay miserable forever. This is different. I know that things will improve, but I am frustrated and impatient and want said improvement NOW!!

Also, I am crying a lot. I don’t cry when I’m depressed. I rave. I rant. I pull into myself and don’t talk. This is like PMS on acid. I get weepy over commercials and lyrics from songs. I’m also crying a lot in frustration – see above.

During depressive episode, I also have a tendency to want to stick close to the house. This time? I’m itching to get out. It’s only my back and the fact that I have a 13 day old infant that keeps me at home.

Yes, I said a 13 day old infant. How incredible is that?

What should have never happened – did. What miracle and a joy she is! She is without a doubt the happiest baby I’ve seen. You may call her smiles gas, but I’m going to say she’s happy. She is quite content with herself and seems to just take joy in being alive.

Something we can all learn from…

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