The Days are just Packed!!

The last few days have been action packed!

Saturday, we spent the day with Moo’s parents shopping. We went to my FIL’s (father-in-law) favorite shoe store – I didn’t buy anything, but Moo found some really cool shoes.

Then we went to Baby Valhalla, otherwise known as Babies R Us and picked out the cutest bedding set. Here’s the quilt:

And a link to the rest of the stuff

Amazingly, neither Moo or I have seen this set at our BRU before Saturday. My MIL got us the bed in a bag set that comes with the quilt, fitted sheet, bumper pad, dust ruffle, window valance and diaper stacker. I went ahead and picked up the night light and the switch plate cover. We got the room painted last week, so we’ll get the room together over the next couple of weeks and put up a photo once we’ve gotten it together.

Sunday, Moo and I went to Iron Man. That was an AWESOME movie!! Of course, I’ve always been a Robert Downey Jr fan – besides being HOT, he’s a great actor. And he was fabulous in this movie. Really unlikable in the beginning as Tony Stark is supposed to be and as the character grows, you can see RDJr’s acting skills really come out.

During the movie, Spider Monkey was really active. At one point during the movie, everytime there’d be an explosion on screen, she’d jump. It was really kind of cool. I was watching my stomach more than I was watching to movie.

Last night, Moo and I went to the hospital where I’ll deliver for a newborn care class. The instructor was really funny. She had us introduce ourselves and wanted to know what the sex of the baby was. After that, she’d go into another little room and bring out a newborn baby doll of the appropriate sex and race. We were instructed to hold these “babies” during class and we were not to put the baby on the table or floor and if we needed to go to the restroom, we had to work it out as to who would hold the baby.

We saw a particularly disgusting but fascinating presentation of normal newborn appearances with the instructor pointing out stork bites, infant rashes, etc. I say it was disgusting because there was more than one shot of a kid freshly born still covered in blood and goo. But we did learn a few things and Moo and I were able to practice a few holds that we’ve read about but never put into use.

Yesterday, I returned for my 28 week ultrasound. I got a great sonographer and we were able to get some amazing views of the SM. She’s head down – which I was informed was early, but not too early. Her head has caught up to her belly, so she’s now a solid 2 weeks ahead on growth putting her in the 85% percentile for babies at her gestational age. And she’s weighing in at a hefty 3-1/2 pounds. They are estimating that if the current growth rate continues, that she’ll be a 10 pound baby and after measuring my pelvis, they’re telling me I probably won’t be able to deliver a 10 pound baby vaginally so my odds of early induction and/or c-section have just gone up.

This picture shows her little face. Turn your head to the right to see her eyes, her nose and her mouth. She’s got her hand up on her face, with her little finger over her left eye.

Yeah, I know it looks like some kind of crazy Rorschach test!!

They are concerned about her size, but they don’t think she’s big in the way that babies exposed to Gestational Diabetes are. They want me to continue monitoring my food intake (even though I’m still 15 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight) and have another glucose tolerance screen. Moms with PCOS are more likely to experience Gestational Diabetes than other mothers. So it works out well that I had another Glucose Tolerance Test (the 1 hour thank goodness and not the 3 hour – blech!) scheduled for right after the ultrasound appointment. We’ll know the results of that in a day or two.

Additionally, during this ultrasound session we were able to confirm the sex. Here’s a photo of my daughter’s girly bits as viewed from the bottom (you can make out her legs and the arrow marks the “spot” so to speak):

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