The Boob, the whole Boob and nothing but the Boob

Had a great OB/GYN visit at the House o Babies on Monday. Baby is growing, I’m still losing weight and I feel great. Blood pressure was perfect and all other signs/symptoms are not bothering me.

I’ve been thinking since I got pregnant about the whole breast versus bottle thing. My instinct is, and has been, to stick with formula. We were introduced to the simplicity of formula feeding by Bilbo and Spanky – our friends who have 2 kids who are 12 years apart in age. But I’ve been inundated with the whole BREAST IS BEST schtick.

I freely admit that breast is best. I admit that breastmilk is the perfect food for my little spider monkey. I also understand and recognize that it comes in the perfect packaging, at the perfect tempature and is perfect in almost every way. I know that studies shows that kids who are breast fed have fewer ear infections, fewer allergies, etc.

But, I also know from friends and blog-moms that breast feeding isn’t always easy. That not only does mom has to learn how to breast feed, but baby has to be taught to latch on correctly. I also know that breast-fed babies eat more frequently and can often be fussier than formula fed babies. I also understand that breast fed babies don’t particularly like bottles.

So I get it. I understand the pros and cons. The midwife that I met at my 12 week visit said it best: “If Mom isn’t 100% committed to making breastfeeding work, it [breast-feeding] won’t work.”

I’m not 100% committed to making breast-feeding work. I want Moo to be able to feed SM. I want the ease of mixing up the bottles as I go. I don’t want the pain of engorgement (I know I’ll get it when my milk first comes in). I don’t want to engorge everytime I hear a child – ANY CHILD – cry.

So Moo and I have talked about this a lot. He’s 100% on board with formula feeding.

This topic comes up now because of the e-mail I got this morning from I get a daily message from them and today’s was a message for dad. It said:

Week 28: Got Milk?
Each week we’ll send you a note to share with the dad-to-be in your life. Pass it on!
Bottle or breast? She may already have made up her mind, or she may really appreciate talking it through with you. Together, do your homework — you’ll find out, if you haven’t already heard, that breast is best for a variety of compelling reasons (from less risk of allergy and illness for baby, to a lowered risk of breast cancer later on for mom, to less smelly poop for you to clean up). If either of you have reservations about breastfeeding (some men worry about the idea of their partner exposing her breast in public, others worry about their territory being appropriated by baby, still others worry about being left out of the feeding process), put them on the table before you make your decision.

I forwarded this to Moo along with a note that said something to the effect that I know we’ve discussed this, but I still sometimes feel like I should try to breastfeed or something like that.

He sent me the following message:

BONK! …. You are getting very sleepy…

Click the following link to see the picture (It’s animated), and repeat after me….

“Formula provides longer lasting nutrition….”
(Look at the spinning picture)

“Formula can be shaken up and made ready by hubbies….”
(Look at the spinning picture)

“Formula is easy to find in grocery stores, target stores, and baby stores…”
(Again, look at the picture)

“Babies who take formula don’t bite you on the boob too hard…”
(Another spin around the block)

“Breast pumps frighten Moo, and look like demented S+M gear from another planet… Especially double pumps…”
(More turning… Pretty…)

Is it any wonder why I love this man so much?!?!

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