I am too sweet

Great visit with the midwife at House O Babies last week. Blood pressure was perfect. Baby’s growing. Baby’s heartbeat is perfect at 150BPM. While I was there I took the 3 hour glucose screen again and….

I failed it.

Damn, damn, double damn, triple damn, HELL!

The numbers looked like this:

  • Fasting: 93 – PASS – anything under 95 is great
  • After 1 hour: 189 – FAILED – needs to be less than 180
  • After 2 hours: 185 – FAILED – needs to be less than 150
  • After 3 hours: 117 – PASS – needs to be less than 140

Failing 2 of the 4 checks qualifies you as having gestational diabetes.

So I’m watching my carbs and I will go to class later this week to go over the diet and monitoring my glucose levels. Additionally, I’ll now be monitored more closely by the perinatologist.

Meanwhile, I have had the leg cramps from hell. I’ve tried eating bananas. I’ve tried adding more calcium to my diet. I’ve tried stretching before bed. I’ve tried taking a warm bath before bed. Still, I’m up every hour or so every night. I think I only had about 3 hours sleep last night.

I knew that sleep sucked during the last trimester, but I didn’t know it would suck because I would be in agony.

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3 thoughts on “I am too sweet

  1. I’m sorry about the GD dx and the leg cramps. I would have suggested bananas too. I wonder if it’s your positioning? What about a pillow between your knees as you sleep on your side?

  2. Leg cramps? That’s one I haven’t heard of before! Those suck. I get them occasionally, from what, I don’t know. In your calf? I’ve found that stretching out the muscle (the action is like the opposite of pointing your toe like a ballerina) when its in mid-cramp makes it disappear. Not sure if you’ve tried that, or even if it would work for you, but give it a go, can’t hurt!

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