30 Weeks and Counting (well technically 29 weeks but who’s really counting)

We’ve hit an important milestone. We’re in the 30th week – can you believe it? Technically, I’m 29 weeks and 2 days, but Whattoexpect.com is always ahead a week and I like it like that!

Right now, Spider Monkey is jogging around – I’ve decided she must have a roller coaster, treadmill, dance floor and other goodies in there. She has started kicking and hitting simutaneously this week so I feel the punches on both the northwest and southeast corners of my belly.

There’s only about 10 weeks left of this pregnancy. I’m am so not prepared. We got the room painted, but we still don’t have the crib or changing table. I haven’t been able to decide what kind or if I want a rocking chair or glider in her room. The baby stuff we bought with MIL is still sitting in our living room.

I’m telling myself that until we get the crib at the end of this month that I’m not stressing out about the room – but the truth is that I am freaking out a little bit. I want to go on a crazy shopping trip and buy everything I think I need – which seems to be everything they sell at BabiesRUs. Logically, I need to wait until after my baby shower on May 31st before I go on a major shopping spree. But that didn’t stop me from looking at baby clothes at ToysRUs this past weekend.

I’m in a real quandry about buying clothing. For one thing, I have no idea what will fit. She’s measuring ahead so if I buy the newborn stuff, she might be too big for it. But I don’t want her homecoming outfit to be so big that she’s swimming in it. If I find the “perfect” coming home outfit, I’m tempted to buy it in newborn and 0-3 month size so that I’ll have the right size no matter what.

I failed my 2nd one hour glucose tolerance test. Oh boy! I get to do the 3 hour one again!! Yippee! I wish to hell I knew what I needed to eat the day of this test to pass the damn thing. This last time, I had sausage and a little smidgen of bisquit. I was supposed to eat my normal breakfast before the test, but since I have frosted miniwheats every morning (and failed the 1 hour last time after eating them) I thought I’d go low or no carb for breakfast this time. I didn’t mean to eat the bisquit but I was still really good and only ate the top half. I guess it was carbtastic enough to push me over the limit.

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