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Yesterday was my 24 week ultrasound. I got Paperbag Girl again – you know, the one with no personality? – and she worked hard to see everything she needed to see. Once again, our Sea Monkey has been less than cooperative at these sessions and yesterday proved to be more of the same.

The baby continually moved, kicked and punched. Paperbag Girl was getting a little frantic. She’d get a good view, start to measure and then SM moved. She finally got to where she was just snapping pics so she could get the measurements.

It looks like the kid is inheriting my father’s absurdly long legs and arms. My dad was 6’6″ and had long long legs and arms. He inherited them from his dad – also 6’6″. While the gestational age was 24 weeks, 1 day, the arms and legs were measuring in at 26 weeks 6 days – nearly 3 weeks ahead. The kid’s noggin is measuring a week ahead – just 25W3D – they aren’t really concerned about that.

I had noticed in another ultrasound that the baby’s knees looked vaguely like x-rays I’ve seen of my own wonky knees. I inherited my knees from my dad. We all have knee caps that don’t quite fit on our knees the way they should. In my case, it makes my knee pop out of joint at inopportune times (like walking thru the zoo or on vacation). For my dad, it was arthritis. But strangely enough, my paternal grandfather – from whom my dad inherited them – had no problems. I’m sure it has to do with the fact that the man never had an ounce of superfluous flesh on his bones and thus avoided many of the problems that my dad and I have had with our wonky knees.

Getting the little booger to get into a position that would show the sex was difficult as well. The sonographer actually went out and got another sonographer to come in to take a look. After some poking and probing, they finally decided that they were about 70% sure that the baby is …


Good grief, I’m having a girl. Of course Moo didn’t say “I told you so” or anything. In fact, he just acted satisfied at being correct.

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